Conditions Treated

Good vision is critical for your independence and ability to participate in social and work-life activities. At Fountain Valley Optometry serving Fountain Valley, CA, we offer numerous eye care services to help ensure your eyesight always remains healthy.

Your eyes face all manner of threats, and that’s why we provide a range of services to ensure you get help when you need it most. Whether you need treatment for minor conditions like allergies or complex ailments like glaucoma, trust our optometry team with our eye doctor for your eye care services. What matters is to see your eye health flourish for as long as you live. Our optometrist is here to help.

Conditions We Treat at Our Clinic

At our eye clinic, we know your eyes can be threatened by many different things, and that’s why our optometrist treats numerous conditions, including:

  • Eye infections: Are your eyes red in color? Spotted discharge in your eyes? The cause could be an infection. There are numerous causes of eye infections, common ones being bacteria and viruses. Don’t attempt to treat eye infections at home. Instead, schedule an appointment with our eye doctor. If you visit our eye clinic, our optometrist will help diagnose your infection and may prescribe eye drops, antibiotics, antihistamines, and other treatments, depending on the cause of your infection.
  • Allergies: The environment, chemicals, and other allergens can cause pet eye infections, but we can diagnose and treat your allergies for better vision.
  • Dry eye syndrome: Inadequate tear production or tears that evaporate quickly may cause all manner of eye discomfort. Treatment of dry eye syndrome may include eye drops and medications. We may also give tips to prevent quick evaporation of tears. Dry eye syndrome may be caused by eye allergies.
  • Glaucoma: This condition causes pressure buildup in your eye, which may damage your optical nerve, leading to vision loss. Treating glaucoma may involve eye drops and surgery. Our treatment aims to address the root cause of the ocular pressure buildup.
  • Keratoconus: This eye condition occurs when your dome-shaped cornea thins and bulges out to form a cone shape, causing blurred vision and light sensitivity. We offer Orthokeratology (ortho-k) to correct the shape of your cornea. Think of this treatment as dental braces used to straighten teeth.
  • Eye refractive errors: If your eye doesn’t bend light correctly, you may have distorted images. We offer LASIK surgery, eyeglasses, and contact lenses to help correct astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia.

Contact Us for Help from an Optician on Our Team

Are you suffering from any of the above conditions? Are you due for your eye exam? If you are in Fountain Valley, CA, or the surrounding areas, book an appointment with Fountain Valley Optometry. We have an optician here to help you achieve your eye health goals. Our eye doctor is here to help. Call us at (714) 210-2393.