5 Early Signs of Glaucoma

Glaucoma can be a scary condition, as its effects are permanent and can eventually cause a complete loss of vision. As preventative steps are typically the only way to avoid or delay the condition, it’s essential that you seek proper care right away. To do so, however, you have to know which signs to look for. Our team at Fountain Valley Optometry has put together this list of the most common early signs of glaucoma so you know when it’s time to visit an eye doctor.

Eye Pain and Headaches

Glaucoma is related to excess pressure in the eye, which can damage the optic nerve and impact vision. Both the pressure and the vision issues can lead to intense eye pain and headaches. For many people, these often come with nausea and vomiting as well.

Eye Redness

The increase in eye pressure can also cause your eyes to be red. If you notice that your eyes are red more often than usual and regular eye drops aren’t helping, it’s time to see your eye doctor.

Blurry or Hazy Vision

Glaucoma not only impacts the optic nerve but also causes the cornea to become cloudy. This can lead to blurry, hazy, or distorted vision.

Seeing Halos Around Lights

For many people, glaucoma causes them to be very sensitive to light. For others, it can lead to seeing halos around those lights. If either happens to you, seek care as soon as possible.

Some Loss of Vision

Before complete vision loss, you might notice specific changes to your vision. For example, some people begin to have tunnel vision. Others notice a loss of side or peripheral vision. And some wake up one day to drastically reduced visual clarity. Any of these can be an early warning sign of glaucoma.

Prevent Loss of Vision With Our Optometrist in Fountain Valley, CA

If you notice any of the signs above or simply want to ensure you don’t lose your vision to glaucoma, whether you’ve noticed symptoms or not, our team at Fountain Valley Optometry is here to help. Call (714) 210-2393 to schedule your appointment today.