Dry eyes are a common issue for many people and can occur in response to a variety of stimuli. Consulting an eye doctor to find the root cause of an eye problem is always a good idea. Here are the top five reasons for dry eyes and how an eye doctor at Fountain Valley Optometry can help you overcome this problem.

#1 Side Effects of Medication

One of the most common reasons for dry eyes is the side effects of certain medications. These medications reduce mucus production, which results in chronic dry eye conditions. Consulting with your doctor about alternative medicine or the use of artificial tears can help alleviate this issue.

#2 Aging

Dry eyes become even more prevalent as people age, especially in those who are fifty years old or older. The use of artificial tears is an effective way to combat this problem and relieve dryness.

#3 Computer Usage

The frequent use of computers can cause eyestrain and tension headaches, while also causing dry eyes. The main reason for this is that people tend to blink less often while using a computer. Taking a break from using a computer is important for your health and can help you avoid experiencing dry eye.

#4 Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A plays a key role in the health of your eyes. A lack of vitamin A can lead to dry eyes and other vision problems. You can ask your doctor for a blood test to diagnose vitamin A deficiency. Foods rich in vitamin A include carrots, eggs, fish, broccoli, and spinach.

#5 Wind Exposure

Exposure to the wind can cause your tears to evaporate too quickly and lead to chronic eye dryness. Lubricating eye drops are a great way to protect your eyes from wind exposure. You can also wear sunglasses for additional protection.

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