A kid holding eye glasses

When kids have myopia, also called nearsightedness, there are ways that an optometrist can slow its progression. Kids' myopia often progresses faster than adults, and myopia control from the optometrist can help restrict or even stop it so that it won't be as bad when kids get older. So when your child has nearsightedness, they need to see an optometrist for testing and eye care treatment. Call our Fountain Valley, CA, office to make your child's appointment.

Atropine Drops

Using atropine drops is a common way to control kids' myopia. These drops are administered regularly at home. In addition, a low dose of the same drops is used to treat several eye conditions, usually at bedtime. Unfortunately, as with other myopia control methods, there is no way to reverse myopia. Nevertheless, this is an easy way to treat the condition, though it may take a while to get kids used to take the drops.

Ortho-K Contact Lenses

These contacts are another way to treat kids' myopia to slow its progression. These are contact lenses that kids wear only at night. Myopia is caused by a malformed eye resulting in difficulty seeing further away. When ortho-k contacts are worn, they gently reshape the eyes so they aren't as nearsighted. With this treatment, it's possible to wear the contacts while sleeping and adjust the eyes enough so that vision correction methods like glasses aren't needed during the day. Getting kids into the habit of getting the contacts in and taking them out can be challenging, but it can be a beneficial method of myopia control.

Eye Care in Fountain Valley, CA

When it's time for your child to see the optometrist, call us at our Fountain Valley, CA, to schedule an appointment for testing and other eye care. Your child may benefit from using a myopia control method to slow their myopia for a better result as an adult. Call us today at (714) 210-2393.