A delicate balance of ingredients is used to form the tear film on the front of the eyes. When this tear film isn't of good quality or is made to evaporate too quickly, it can lead to dry eye. It is important to see an optometrist to have your eyes checked regularly, especially if you have dry eyes. Dr. Dao at Fountain Valley Optometry provides treatment for a variety of eye health conditions, including dry eye.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

If you have some of the symptoms of dry eye, you need to have an eye exam to determine what is causing the condition. You may have eyes that feel tired and sore. Your eyes may feel itchy, or they may burn. It is common to feel like there is something foreign in your eyes. You might get watery eyes as your eyes try to compensate for being so dry. Your eyes may also produce stringy mucus that you find in your eyes or around them.

Causes of Dry Eyes

There is a multitude of causes that could lead to dry eye. Many people experience dry eye when they go through a significant hormonal change like menopause or pregnancy. Others get it from taking certain prescription medications. It can be caused by not eating a healthy diet that is rich in healthy fats that helps lubricate the eyes. It can also be caused by dry air such as air-conditioned or heated air. If you ride a bike or spend a lot of time outdoors, it can be caused by the wind. Dry eye can also be caused by contacts and make it difficult to wear contacts.

Get Treatment for Dry Eyes in Fountain Valley, CA

When you have dry eyes, several helpful treatments can be used to lubricate your eyes and feel better. Our optometrist will help you choose an appropriate product and provide a few tips on how to avoid dry eyes in the future. Call Dr. Dao at Fountain Valley Optometry today at 714-210-2393 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.