Eyecare Services in Fountain Valley, CA

Optometry Services

When you have good vision, you can appreciate the beauty of nature more. Quality eye care services from Fountain Valley Optometry, Fountain Valley, CA, can help maximize your sight. Our full-service eye care clinic offers personalized optometry services for your entire family. From comprehensive eye exams to management of eye diseases and everything in between, our team is fully committed to meeting your eye care needs.

Fountain Valley Optometry is your one-stop location for eye care in the Fountain Valley area and surrounding communities. We offer the following services for your convenience:

Eye Exams

Quality eye care begins with routine eye exams for every member of your family. Our eye exams consist of testing for visual clarity, eye focus and eye-teaming skills. An eye exam will reveal if you have refractive errors like myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism that are impairing your vision, so you can get corrective lenses to improve your sight. Our optometrist will also evaluate your eye health to detect signs of eye conditions or diseases that can lead to vision loss.

Prescription Eyeglasses

We carry the latest in name-brand prescription eyewear to help maximize your sight. Our optician can help you choose eyeglasses that enhance your appearance, match your prescription and suit your lifestyle. Working with our experienced optician will make it easier to find eyewear you’ll love at an affordable cost.

Contact Lenses

Our clinic also caters to the needs of contact lens wearers in our community. We carry a variety of contacts to choose from, ranging from RGP lenses to soft daily wear lenses, extended-wear lenses, extended-wear disposable lenses, and specialty hard to fit contacts geared for people with eye conditions.

Management of Eye Diseases

As you grow older, you’re more susceptible to eye diseases and conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration or cataracts. By catching these problems early, your Fountain Valley eye doctor can help manage your symptoms to protect your sight.  

Myopia Control in Children

Myopia, aka nearsightedness, is a common condition in children. As your child grows older, this condition can worsen, severely impacting his sight. Myopia symptoms can be corrected with prescription eyewear. We also offer myopia control services like Ortho-K contacts to help slow the progression of this condition to protect your child’s vision in the future.  

LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery helps correct refractive errors, so you don’t have to use eyeglasses or contacts to improve your sight. Your Fountain Valley eye doctor provides pre and post-op care for LASIK to help you get the most from this treatment.

See Our Fountain Valley Optometrist for All Your Eye Care Needs

For conscientious eye care services you can trust, contact the specialists at Fountain Valley Optometry, Fountain Valley, CA, at (714) 210-2393.