Eye & Vision Exams

As you take care of your body, you must get a regular eye and vision exam. These procedures ensure your eyes are healthy at various stages of your life. At Fountain Valley Optometry in Fountain Valley, CA, our team is here to provide you with the eye care you need. Here are some things to know about eye and vision exams.

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What Are Eye and Vision Exams?

Eye and vision exams are standard examinations in an eye care center. They watch for problems and track the process of various eye disorders and diseases. Eye exams are used to find and diagnose illnesses and injuries to the eyeball. Common conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and eye infections can be seen during an exam.

What Is an Eye Exam?

An eye exam is a physical examination of your eye and the surrounding area. It is done in an optometrist’s office and requires a sterile medical environment. Before the exam, your pupils are dilated with medicated drops, allowing your eye doctor to see into your eyeball. Next, the exam checks the inside and outside of your eye, using special equipment that helps your eye doctor see the back of your eyeball. Once the exam is over, you need to give your pupils time to recover from the effects of the eyedrops before you can return to your routine.

What Is a Vision Exam?

A vision exam detects issues with how your eyeball and brain process images. Your vision depends on both of these things, and a vision test looks for problems like myopia or other common disorders. Usually, these exams are performed in a sterile environment, much like an eye exam. In addition, schools and community centers will provide exams with referrals for those who need further treatment. Vision exams help your eye doctor determine your need for vision correction.

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Eye and vision exams are an essential part of standard eye care. They allow your optometrist to find and treat problems early. If you need vision correction, it can often take time to realize it, while a vision exam can catch things you are unaware. We can provide you with the eye care you need at Fountain Valley Optometry in Fountain Valley, CA. Make an appointment today by calling (714) 210-2393.