Computer Vision

If you work in a job that has you sitting in front of a computer screen all day, you're not alone. This is increasingly how business is done, but it can cause vision problems. There is a condition called computer vision syndrome that can cause a wide range of symptoms that can be frustrating. This syndrome often makes the patient's eyes strained and tired. However, some things can be done to alleviate this condition. If you think that you may have computer vision, contact Fountain Valley Optometry in Fountain Valley to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dao.

Computer Vision

What Causes Computer Vision?

When you read words on a screen, it forces your eyes to work a lot harder than printed text by simply looking around. This extra work that your eyes put in can give you vision problems that can be painful and annoying. Reading digital text for a long time often means developing eye strain. This strain causes your eyes to become tired. When you look at a screen, you also blink less often than you should. That makes the tear film on your eyes dry out too fast, and it can be painful. This can mean that you have dry eye and a lot of eye irritation. 

Symptoms of Computer Vision

With this syndrome, many people have tired eyes. You may also get red eyes or blurry vision. You may also experience double vision or eyes that feel dry. Your eyes may itch, burn, sting, or feel sore. You may have frequent eye irritation. Your eyes may water as your eyes try to get rid of the irritation. This syndrome can also cause neck and back pain. When you have one or more of these symptoms, it's important to see an eye doctor and have your eyes checked to get diagnosed and start treatment.

Computer Vision Treatment

There are several ways to relieve the symptoms of this syndrome. Taking frequent breaks from looking at the computer screen is a great way to help with your eye problems. Every 20 minutes, take a break from the screen and look at something that is 20 feet away. Hold it for 20 seconds, and you can then go back to work. Follow these directions every day for significant effectiveness. You can also use eye drops to help with the dryness so that your eyes are better lubricated. Some people also wear glasses that block out blue light to help their eyes not take in the blue light waves that can be dangerous to the eyes.

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